Support Line for Tourism Microenterprises | COVID-19

Turismo de Portugal is providing the Treasury Support Line for Tourism Microenterprises to face the impacts generated by COVID-19.

With an allocation of 60 million euros, the Treasury Support Line for Tourism Microenterprises is for individual companies or entrepreneurs with less than 10 jobs and whose annual turnover or total annual balance does not exceed 2 million euros, with activity in Portugal and SME certification.

The City Council provides all necessary support, through usual contacts. Those interested can also contact the Head of the Tourism Division, Mafalda Pizarro, by calling 965 555 158 or by e-mail from the Deputy Presidency, Paulo Silva (

The financial support is calculated taking into account the number of employees existing in the company in February 2020, multiplied by 750 euros for each worker and for a period of three months, up to a maximum amount of 20 thousand euros per company. This support does not bear interest and is repaid within 3 years, including a 12-month grace period.

The Support Line for Micro Tourism Enterprises will remain in force until the expected budgetary allocation of 60 million euros is reached. Applications are submitted using a form to be made available on the Business Portal of Turismo de Portugal, which will be available in the coming days.

Turismo de Portugal also made available other support measures, including the suspension of repayments on projects with loan repayments in progress.

More information here.

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