We know that the impact that this virus is having on public health, the consequences will also be reflected at an economic level, which can put companies in a very difficult situation. Following the measures that the Government presented to its social partners to reduce the economic impact and offer support to companies’ treasury, we suggest to all entrepreneurs and private entities in the municipality to consult the IAPMEI website daily. This contains all the useful and updated information regarding the extraordinary measures to support companies that are being implemented and is constantly being updated.

Following the measures that the Government presented, the municipality of Guimarães wants to highlight the following:

  1. Capitalizar line (to help the treasury – loans on favorable terms).
    These measures are initiated with the banks. It works in an approval logic in the order in which applications are submitted. Companies whose sales decreased by at least 20% in the 60 days prior to the submission of the loan application can be applied for, compared to the same period of the previous year.
  2. Immediate support of an exceptional nature: companies in a situation of business crisis resulting from a) total stoppage of the activity of the company or establishment; b) an abrupt and sharp drop in at least 40% of turnover, with reference to the same period of three months. These measures are triggered by the District Center of the Social Security Institute through a declaration by the Administration and a Certified Accountant.

NOTE: It is important to articulate all the company’s actions with the respective accountants! So we advise entrepreneurs to contact them.

We remind you that IAPMEI also has an open line of clarification of doubts by district. For Braga it is the following: Tel: 253 206 600; E-mail:

In addition to the IAPMEI, it is advisable to consult the Social Security website where, at all times, specific instructions for requesting extraordinary support (lay off) may appear.

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